Daily Blessings365 – Day 5

I bless you with boldness and courage rooted in Holy Spirit .

I bless you to step out further into the destiny God has for you, that he planned before the foundation of the world, to walk hand him in hand with him as he leads you in the next season he has for you. 

I bless you as you step out with boldness and courage with the confidence of Father within you, as you are entwined with him, to go places and do things you never imagined. Things you couldn’t conjure up but they are things he did that would bring you fulfilment, hope and joy. 

I bless the voice within you, which is Father’s voice to the world, to speak with courage and boldness the things he shows you to bring hope, freedom and life to the world around you. 

I bless you with a spring in your step confident that he who started a good work in you will complete it. Have fun and enjoy life. 😀

With my love – Caroline 

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